I know @ChubblesBear@twitter.com is going to flip his shit.

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Introducing the "Super Snuggle Time Slumber Party Sleep Over Brooks: Good Night Puppy Deluxe Ultra"™️®️©️ pillow🌙🍼

Coming soon to a Barkdale retailer near you!

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Today is the day! Wulfric examines the strange bowl called a potty. Everyone else use it, so he wants to learn too. He sits his rump down in excitement. Slowly, he closes his eyes and tries to convince his brain.. 1 minute later, he did it. He's used the potty! 🎨@tutawastaken@twitter.com

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His jackets are always cheesy, but I'll always feel cool when he lets me wear them

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so much yes

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I was in full adventure mode yesterday! We found some pretty stellar views along the journey :D

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: For me, someone wearing just a diaper isn't as hot as having the right accessories or outfit. On boys that could mean a snug t-shirt, shoes and socks, to go with the diaper. For girls it might be a bra, stockings, and arm warmers. Or mix and match any of the above.

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cc: @SmoochThisPooch@twitter.com

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Uh oh! Looks like the school jock just caught the local nerd with his pants down!

Academy Warwick and twitch skin ideas ;)
Comm for @DirkAfterDark@twitter.com

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Far-right trolls active in the online community 4chan are conspiring to slander the LGBTQ community by posing as gay men online and advocating for pedophilia.

Don't miss the exclusive @NBCNews@twitter.com report by @oneunderscore__@twitter.com

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This sounds terrible. Don't do it.

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Caretaker Tip: Don't forget to help your cub out with the little things, like snapping on their seatbelt for them, doing up the Velcro on their shoes, wiping food off their muzzle, tugging their shirt up to expose diaper peek, all that sort of thing.

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