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Having an awesome night with great crinkle butts watching TV and soaking especially one doggy with @ScandalousTugs@twitter.com and @FerixDog@twitter.com

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The super magical link to tonight's live episode on YouTube is right here! youtube.com/watch?v=HsmT9cE10v

And here's a time conversion chart to see when you should tune in!

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Me when I see good artists undersell their talents and hard work

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Today's dad fact: they're not "padding," they're not "pamps." They're DIAPERS. You're not "padded" - you're wearing a DIAPER, because you can't keep your pants dry. You need your diaper changed. Your diaper is sagging a bit there, sport.

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Dear Kinky twitter... I need you... I developed a page that helps subs express their limits.
It's helped me planning better session. Could you have a look and let me know if there are things you like that are not in the list. bdsm-limits.com

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Hey pups on here! We did a thing!

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Woof! It's time to mosh! Our latest episode (S8E14) on Pup Play is now ready and begging for you to listen! furwhatitsworth.com/?episode=s

(Our guest was @Puppy_Sammy@twitter.com, so go give him a scritch!)

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"Two bros chillin' by the fire, 0 feet away 'cause they are gay."

lil something for @CuriousCoobah@twitter.com and @PrinceofPoof@twitter.com :)

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"Snoofs" β™₯
Iron Artist commission for Rye!

Please consider checking out my Patreon to support me! buff.ly/2GzgIoc

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @MADSHYARTS@twitter.com β­πŸŽΆπŸ»πŸ­πŸ°πŸŽ‚

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There’s a mountain in Germany called Mount Wank. To get there you have to go via the Wankbahn cable car with your annual Wank-pass (just the ticket for Mount Wank enthusiasts!). Once at the top, relax at the Wankhaus

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Thanks for the update @kinkypaddycakes@twitter.com

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Our users in the Americas are currently experiencing connection issues. Our engineers are working on resolving this.

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I uploaded a much better edit of the Sonic trailer. Trust me, you'll like it.


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