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Introducing Scheduled Messages, Reminders, Custom Cloud Themes and More Privacy for those who need it most. telegram.org/blog/scheduled-re

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I wanted to feel extra smol, so @ScandalousTugs@twitter.com helped @CameoPup@twitter.com out with an XL PeakABU to put me in...
My butt looks pretty nice, I thinks....

^\\\^ thought I'd share <3

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Watching my Alpha turning bright red while Ms. Atlanta Eagle 2019 changes his diaper as part of an ABDL demo is everything right now.

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akjdkjfkkglAAAAAAAAAA- i can't handle how M E G A C U T E this piece of art from @MADSHYARTS@twitter.com is 😻

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Lick my diaper

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lick my
and see how autocorrect finishes it

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Hey y'all! A few people asked how I take diapered fursuit pictures with my tail through the diaper, so I decided to make a little tutorial! Hope this can help a few of you hoping to take some pictures of your own :)

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I just had to draw them in my style! Bluey and Bingo are just too cute. This is the most wholesome show I’ve ever seen & it gives me happy feels, reminds me a lot of life with my sisters.

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Gay people are caused by a fault for being a good girl.

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Type "Gay people are caused by..." and let your phone's autocorrect fill in the rest, and you'll have a statement that's indistinguishable from whatever incoherent ramblings some religious fundamentalist hatepreacher has spouted off lately.

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Having an awesome night with great crinkle butts watching TV and soaking especially one doggy with @ScandalousTugs@twitter.com and @FerixDog@twitter.com

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The super magical link to tonight's live episode on YouTube is right here! youtube.com/watch?v=HsmT9cE10v

And here's a time conversion chart to see when you should tune in!

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Me when I see good artists undersell their talents and hard work

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Today's dad fact: they're not "padding," they're not "pamps." They're DIAPERS. You're not "padded" - you're wearing a DIAPER, because you can't keep your pants dry. You need your diaper changed. Your diaper is sagging a bit there, sport.

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Dear Kinky twitter... I need you... I developed a page that helps subs express their limits.
It's helped me planning better session. Could you have a look and let me know if there are things you like that are not in the list. bdsm-limits.com

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