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Doing a little experiment.

Retweet this if you identify as male, and you’re perfectly okay with using strongly feminine-gendered bathroom products (shampoo), even if it’s pink and sparkly

It may not be your first choice but you’d use it without complaints if it’s what you had

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Swallow your pride and get it done. Don't be going to furry cons with no money, don't be trying to say no one will hire me without actually trying to apply for a job at McDonald's. Be honest with yourself and you'll get through it!

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Pure truth

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Caretaker Tip: Consent is complicated, especially when people want to feel powerless. As a Caretaker, you'll realize that every cub wants to be treated very differently, from diaper changes to teasing, so a lot of communication, respect for safewords, and patience is required.

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So I’m finally back from my sisters place from house sitting, and I have a package waiting for me, pride diapers. Now time to do laundry and comics!

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In the mood to show off one of my switchy/power bottom/diaperdom characters, Baby Powder! He's a diaper model and Hooftuber advocating about Crinkle Culture~!

He'll make sure to show you the ropes!

If you're more curious, I'm eager to ramble about him, so ask questions! Please~

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Classic, you're climbing a tree and your pants starts to fall down.

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Super soggy morning, @ScandalousTugs@twitter.com is trying the squish out, Rain wants something, but doesn’t wanna ask.

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Happy from your favorite Sharks cheerin’, Overwatch lovin’, art doodlin’ FTM otterbear! My pronouns are he/him or they/them! It’s my first on T!!

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DO YOU LIKE PUP PLAY? Are you a handler? That's what we're talking about in our next recording session. We want to hear from all the pups about why they love their moshes/pup friends/etc. Voice clips and emails go to cast (at) furwhatitsworth (dot) com

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Rayke's getting a bit of help with his extra poof from a very helpful @Artie_P@twitter.com. Drawn for @Lynks43020998@twitter.com.

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cc: @CargoWoozle@twitter.com

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For Dirk! He's a punk in the streets, baby in the sheets.
o/ Open for 1 more commission like this for 40$.

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Pup Play emails go to cast (at) furwhatitsworth dot com << Ask questions, tell your story, and help shape up our episode!

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Coming soon: Furries of Color, Digisonas, and more! So many awesome episodes are being edited now. BUT we still are taking emails! Send your emails on Pup Play (and handling)!

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