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πŸ“œ Rules
Here's the stuff you're agreeing to by joining this Mastodon instance:
  1. You understand this instance is not guaranteed to be up 100% of the time. We plan to be up pretty much all the time, but it isn't promised
  2. You agree not to troll, troll-bait, harass, stalk, abuse, or exhibit similar behaviors intended to coerce others on the instance or across Mastodon into actions or similar they have not willingly joined.
  3. Differing opinions are welcomed on the basis discussion remain civil. This is the internet and the U.S.'s first amendment applies to the government but is not guaranteed here. Hate speech (which is not the same as polite disagreement) is not allowed. We aren't out to censor anyone and will work to keep the instance on sensible footings, but reserve the right to remove content which is against the spirit of the instance.
  4. Administrators have final say in actions taken and will do their best to act in the spirit of the rules.
  5. You agree to understand we do not control other instances within Mastodon, and our rules stop at the limits of the instance.
  6. You understand your data is able to be accessed and read by the moderation team. The moderation team is only permitted to view your data IF absolutely necessary.

TLDR Edition
  1. Don't violate the universal don't be a dick rule.
  2. Work to make the instance awesome, not awful.

Are you a non-furry ABDL (also known as a "little") and looking for a non-furry instance to get your crinkle on? Check this instance.